Secure your family with a super protector life plan

Secure your family with a super protector life plan

You strive to provide comfort, happiness, and security to your family and you would want your family’s future to be secure at all times. ICICI has launched a new plan, Pru iProtect Smart that gives you the flexibility to design your safety net so that you can protect your family’s future to ensure that they lead their lives comfortably without any financial worries, even in your absence. Offering you options to enhance your coverage against death and critical illness, this plan ensure a 360 degree cover for your life.

Opting for Pru iProtect will ensure that you are covered for 34 major critical illnesses, pay-out on diagnosis of terminal illness, premium waiver in case of accidental disability and options to get sum assured as monthly income. This new plan will offer enhanced protection, comprehensive additional benefits along with special premium rates for non-tobacco users, need based benefit pay-outs and double tax benefits. You also get an option of flexible premiums helping you to ease off the burden.

There are several benefits of opting for this plan:

Enhanced Protection: Coverage against death, terminal illness, critical illness and disability all covered in one plan.

Need Based Benefit Payout: You can choose to receive the benefits as a lump sum pay-out or monthly income for 10 years with further option available to receive the monthly income for 20 years increasing by 10% every year.

Death Benefit Options Available: You can choose from the level of protection be selecting one of the options- Life, Life Plus, Life and Health or All in One.

Death Benefit Pay-out Options: iProtect Smart provides the flexibility to take the death benefits in a way that meets your financial requirements. The death benefits can be taken as- Lump sum, income or increasing income.


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