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Without sound financial planning the consequences of death, illness or disability can be disastrous. In extreme circumstances this could lead to the loss of everything you have worked for including the family home.

As a group we work with our clients to ensure that they are protected against the three biggest risks you will ever face. We know it’s not easy talking about the prospect of losing your partner or discussing what might happen if you fall sick or even become disabled. But the reality will be much worse if these risks are not addressed.  Capitoria  provide access to a wide range of products to help reduce your risk including:

  • 1) Commercial Risk Insurance
  • 2) Critical Illness Insurance
  • 3) Disability Insurance
  • 4) Health Insurance
  • 5) Income Protection Insurance
  • 6) Life Insurance
  • 7) Mortgage Protection Insurance
  • 8) Personal Risk Insurance
  • 9) Redundancy Insurance

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